Atir is your solution to nails that split and peel, polish that chips within days, and dry, cracked cuticles.

…….and Customized Facials, Healing Manicures, Gel Nails, Natural Spray Tan, diabetic safe Pedicures, Mineral Make-Up, Eyelash Extensions …and more!  


Welcome to Atir!

Atir is a boutique nail salon with skin care. Our staff are employees of Atir and are licensed professionals devoted to giving you a memorable experience. We use high quality products in a safe and clean environment.

Come take a seat at the Nail Bar, visit and relax as you see your nails and cuticles improve before your eyes using our all natural sugar and shea butter botancial scrub and experiencing our nail care products and healthful manicure!

While you are here, need a quick Brow Wax, or an all natural Spray Tan, or to add a Pedicure or even a customized Facial?

Our licensed and experienced Nail Technicians and Estheticians will have you looking and feeling like a new person, relaxed and ready to get back out there to your world, all in one stop!

Thank you for choosing Atir!

25 Minute Mani


Atir is Your Solution

Because you use your hands in everything you do…..                                                                                                     It is important to maintain your hands and nails and repair daily damage and abuse. Our manicure is more than a quick filing and polish. Our 4 part program of Hydration, Maintenance, Protection, and the optional Polish, is designed to keep your nails and hands healthy even during the dry winter months. Grooming, at Atir or at home, is as important for your hands as it is for your teeth, skin and hair. Even if you do not typically get manicures…hand care is a part of grooming and will prevent dry, sore winter hands and cuticles. Try our Moisture Maintenance Manicure! 

Why Atir is Different

First and foremost we care about our clients and are committed to providing excellent care in sanitary conditions.We combine education with detailed maintenance of your hands and feet in a relaxing atmosphere and will help you achieve10 beautiful, healthy, natural nails!    We extend the same care and dedication to our other services which include Facials and Skin Care, Mineral Make-Up, Facial and Body Waxing, all natural antioxidant Spray Tan and Lash Extensions. Our Skin Care Services are results driven and customized to your specific needs for a more youthful and healthy appearance. All of our services are performed in a pampering, caring and clean environment. Our goal is for you to leave mentally renewed and your skin more youthful looking!

Benefits of Pedicures

Pedicuring is necessary on a regular basis in order to prevent dry skin problems as well as toenail diseases and disorders. Its many benefits include preventing common foot problems such as calloused, dry skin, yellowing and thickening of the toenails, overgrown cuticles, and painful ingrown toenails. More importantly, it keeps dangerous and hard to treat fungal infections from contaminating your feet. We do not have hydraulic jets in our pedicure baths because they are the #1 cause of cross-contamination.